2020-08-13 12:59:56: Kyber Ecosystem Report #17 🔹57M+ KNC tokens ($90M+) staked on the KyberDAO 🔹2580 voters in Epoch 1, one of the highest governance participation rates in Ethereum! 🔹Over $400,000 in voting rewards have been distributed 🔹xToken, unagii, StakeDAO, KCP, Binance, Smart Valor, Midas, Enjin, Status, imToken, Trust Wallet, Zerion, and many more supporting the KyberDAO 🔹Highest no. of total users, new users, and trade volume ($275M) in a month! 🔹Coinbase launched KNC Earn and Learn Campaign 🔹New Tokens listed: COMP, BZRX, renBTC, VIDT Learn more: https://blog.kyber.network/kyber-ecosystem-report-17-32d0d3a2557a Join our discord: https://discord.gg/NfFMVz6